Saint John Catholic Church and School


TOI Check out our plans for our upcoming 85th (Parish) and 65th (school) anniversary celebration weekend in April 2014. Come help us plan the festivities - sign up to volunteer!


Parish Staff
Rev. JohnBosco Ikemeh, OP
Sacramental Minister
Ms. Carole Anne White
School Principal
Brother Edward E. Bergeron, CFC
Parish Life Facilitator
Mr. David Hill
Coordinator, Altar Servers
Sister Leonie Marie Maigret, SND
Director of Religious Education
Mrs. Ellie Jacobs
Coordinator, Eucharistic Ministers
Mrs. Flavia Feltner
Coordinator of Music Ministry
Mr. John Markham
Coordinator, Lectors
Brother Spencer A. Tafuri, CFC
In Residence - Teaching at COKSM
Ms. Fran Cummings
President, Ladies Guild