AAF frequently asked questions

Please also consider remembering us in your will, or recommending SJCS as an alternative to flowers in remembrance of loved ones.

What is the purpose of the Annual Angel Fund?

The Annual Angel Fund at Saint John Catholic School is a request for financial contributions in support of meeting the operating budget of the school. The cost of providing educational services at our school is greater than the money the school receives through tuition. The Annual Angel Fund helps to bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating each child.

Why can’t tuition cover the school’s expenses?

Tuition could cover the school’s expenses…if we raised it high enough! Keeping tuition as affordable as possible is important – not only for the families currently attending but also so we can continue to offer a competitive educational choice for those looking for a Catholic school solution.

What is the goal for the 2012-2013 Annual Angel Fund? What are we expected to give?

We are extremely conservative stewards of our resources but our tuition alone cannot sufficiently cover the operating budget. We actively fundraise with our annual auction and family dinners; we pursue and receive several grants as well. Yet we are still left with a deficit of almost $1,000 per student. Through this Annual Angel Fund appeal, we hope to raise the funds necessary to bridge the gap. Funds received will not only help us to meet our operating budget and offer a tuition assistance program, but will also allow us to make needed renovations to our electrical system and continue to provide the best and most up-to-date technology for our students.
Our goal is 100% participation from our School Board, Faculty, Parents, Grandparents, Parishioners and Alumni. All gifts, whether large or small, are appreciated and help us to meet our goal. Having 100% of the school community support the Annual Angel Fund is critical because it shows the value that we, as a united school family, place in the unique mission of Saint John Catholic School. Demonstrating this commitment makes it easier to apply for grants and solicit funds from outside sources.

Is an Annual Fund unique to Saint John Catholic School?

No. Very few private schools can meet all of their operating expenses just through tuition. At Saint John Catholic School, we must aim to keep tuition costs affordable for everyone desiring a Catholic school education. Sustaining academic quality, attracting and maintaining a stellar faculty who believe in our unique mission, and remaining committed to our low student-teacher ratios are just some of the many goals we hope to achieve with the Annual Angel Fund.

Are current families expected to give to the Annual Fund if we participate in the auction?

Yes. We certainly appreciate and depend upon the contributions of time and donations that make the auction so successful! It is a wonderful fundraiser and a terrific social event for our school community. At Saint John Catholic School, we do not believe in stretching our families and generous supporters to the limit with one fundraiser after another. We hold our annual auction and we request donations to our Annual Angel Fund. That’s it…plain and simple.
Therefore, a donation from every family, along with commitments from our School Board, Faculty, Grandparents, Parishioners and Alumni is essential to the realization of our school’s mission and financial health.

Do you have any creative suggestions about how we can raise money for the school’s Annual Angel Fund?

Yes, we do! We encourage everyone to think outside the box. Have a block party, barbeque or neighborhood potluck dinner and ask for a donation to SJCS! Host a home-shopping experience, hold a lemonade sale or bake sale. Give up a daily indulgence, forgo a lunch or two out and funnel those savings to Saint John’s…the possibilities are limitless! What could be more satisfying than having fun and knowing you contributed to the financial stability of our school?

How do matching funds work? Where can I find out if my employer participates in a matching gift program?

Many employers will honor their employee’s personal donation with a matching gift. This essentially DOUBLES your donation! Check with your employer’s Human Resource Department to see if they offer this benefit. If they do, please be sure to forward your employer’s matching gift form when making your donation to Saint John Catholic School!
A list of some of the many companies offering matching gifts can be checked at http://www.mowsf.org/documents/MatchingGiftCompanies.pdf

Can I donate stock?

Yes! Donating appreciated stock is a simple way to make a charitable gift and offers wonderful income tax advantages!

Who will know the amount of my gift?

We are sensitive to your privacy. All donors will be acknowledged, by name only, in our annual report about the progress of the Annual Angel Fund – unless they ask to remain anonymous. If you do NOT wish to have your name publicized, please check the appropriate box on the pledge card.

I’m ready to donate! What do I do now?

Wonderful! We truly appreciate the support! Pledge cards and checks payable to Saint John Catholic School Annual Fund can be dropped off or mailed to school. Or, you may donate securely online on our website using the PayPal Donate button above.