kindergarten (K4 & K5)

Mary Dodge, Teacher

  •  Just 10-15 minutes of being read to per day helps your child develop the skills they need to be good readers later. Make it a point to read to or with your child each day and watch their reading grow. 

Read books that have sight words in them.

K5 memory  words :

red, blue,name,white, orange, purple, black, brown, yellow, green, pink, gray, one, two,three,four,five,six,seven,eight, nine, ten, zero, it, is the, I, a, play, game

Should be able to blend the letters c, o g, a , d, s,l, i, t, f,e, h,u to make different words.

K4 sight words:

name, play, game, I, a, the

We are learning about penguins. 

K4 is learning  to identify and write  numbers 1-5

K5 has been learning about capacity. 

We continue to practice identifying and writing  the letter U and B.

  Research shows that all a 4, 5 and six year old really needs to be successful  are to have  their  four basic needs met( food, shelter, clean water and clean air) and unconditional love from their family. 10 to 15 minutes each day with their prime caretakers with no outside distractions of phone, television, tablets, etc siblings lets them know how important they are to you.  Try to make that time for them even if you have to "schedule it in" as you would an important business meeting. Simple things like cooking dinner together, reading a favorite book or playing catch outside are just a few suggestions.


       Homework the week  of 2/29 - 3/ 7 Check your child's homework folder daily. K5 usually has math homework along with assignment of the day

 Monday-K5 Math ws about height, weight and and length. Superkids ws . Look at picture Read sentence. Circle the word that completes the sentence.

K4 Writing and recognizing the number 3 ws.

Tuesday-K5 Comparing capacity ws

K4 Writing and recognizing the number 4 ws

Wednesday- The Cat in the Hat used a machine to clean the house. Design your own cleaning machine on the worksheet in your folder. 

We have library on Thursday this week. Don't forget to pack your library book.

Thursday-Show and Tell- No school Friday.


Friday- Read, read, read! Although its the weekend reading never should be put to the side. The more you practice the better you get. 

Monday- K5 Alike/different ws 

K4 Writing and recognizing 1-4 ws 



Most special classes are held on Friday. These include Physical Education (PE) with Mrs. Provost,  Music with Mrs. Feltner and Library with Mrs. Deavor, along with Show and Tell .  We have Art on Tuesdays with Sr Leonie.

On Friday, your child should wear the school PE uniform. This consists of the school Circle of Peace t-shirt, navy blue  or gray athletic shorts and sneakers.  Tee-shirt order forms are in the main office. On cold days you may wear navy blue  or gray sweatpants. Some mornings may start off cool, but by the time we have PE (8:30 AM) it is warmer. On those days, have your child wear sweatpants over the shorts.

Please make sure your child is wearing his or her complete uniform. Every family should have received a Family Handbook available on the Forms page. Please use this as a reference when you have questions about what is acceptable and what is not.

Please make sure your child brings a water bottle to school EVERYDAY

Useful Web Sites for Children:

  1. - children can have stories read to them and learn about letter shape
  2. - all sorts of resources for kids, parents, teachers, etc
  5.  games that reinforce  cross curriculum skills
  6. - great listening and memory games
  7. - Fantastic themed videos(short clips) and games.
  8. - fun games that strengthen academic skills while playing with favorite tv characters.
  9. - Fun way to learn sight words