Our school is a ministry of Saint John Catholic Church in North Charleston that serves a diverse community of students drawn from all over the Tri-County area. Saint John Catholic School welcomes children of all faiths, talents, and abilities in Grade K4 through Grade 8 who desire a Christian education in the Catholic tradition.

By serving both traditional and nontraditional learners, our small class size allows for continual progress through individualized instruction and assistance. Our school fosters a safe, compassionate, creative and inclusive environment that encourages the spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional and physical development of each child. At Saint John Catholic School, each child will achieve academic success, on their level, in a strong faith-filled learning community.

Approved: 10/2015 by Brother Ed Bergeron.


“Saint John Catholic School aspires to empower all students to reach their potential. The school is committed to continuous progress, spiritual growth, and appreciation of diversity.”

Approved: November 19, 2010 by Brother Ed Bergeron.

Core Values:

Nurturing Faith and Values
Individualizing Instruction
Creating Peacemakers
Empowering Potential
Respecting Self and Others

School Seal & Slogan:
Ron Sirisky generously donated his time and considerable talents to create a Seal / Slogan and other marketing materials, such as this brochure, to benefit Saint John Catholic School. Check out the rationale behind our seal and slogan.

In addition, we are, like all schools in the Diocese of Charleston, accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).