school board

We are a National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) affiliated school.  In our system, School Boards are consultative. A consultative board is “one which cooperates in the policy-making process by formulating and adapting, but never enacting (passing) policy”. The person with final authority (principal and/or pastor) establishes those areas in which the board is to be consulted. The most common areas are:  budget /financial stability, long range planning, marketing /public relations/ recruitment, plant maintenance.

Our School Board members are:
Parish: Brother Ed Bergeron
School President: Brother Damian Ryan
Principal: Carole Anne White
Chairperson: Crissie McCormack
Executive Secretary: Jeannette Dangerfield
Education Programs: Mary Lou Taylor
Finances: Mark Gilbert
Other Members: Stephen Taylor
  Janet Deavor
  Correna Panagiotou
  Greg Voigt
  Ellie Jacobs
  Jill Venjohn
  Flavia Feltner
  Larry Jones