the meaning behind our school seal


Generously created and donated by SJCS graduate Ron Sirisky, we feel that our School Seal and Slogan embody the spirit of Saint John Catholic School. In addition, Ron designed our school brochure. Saint John Brochure (pdf)

One of the most exciting traditions established at Saint John is the “Circle of Peace.” This program essentially fortifies every aspect of the school’s culture and brings coherence into the attitudes of the teachers, parents and students.

The seal honors the “Circle of Peace” ritual and pledge which employs each child’s unique handprint symbolically reaching-out and carries it to the forefront of the school’s emblem.

The circle is one of oldest symbols found across all cultures through history and stands for the center point from which we can gain understanding of GOD. It has no beginning or end, and no divisions, making it the perfect symbol of completeness, eternity, and the soul. The Saint John Catholic School Seal design approach communicates instantly and directly with complete innocence. It is not slick or contrived, but pure and uplifting as something lifted directly from a child’s mind. Yet beyond its simplicity, it communicates a number of pertinent and important symbolic and philosophical messages unique to Saint John Catholic School.

The simple rendering of arms and hands (in a circle motif) reaching for the star, at its most elemental level, graphically illustrates the slogan, “Learning To Reach For The Stars.” – The profound promise of Saint John Catholic School. The star at the apex of the hands reaching upward has much significance without offending on both a secular and Christian level.

The star and hands point skyward in a positive gesture of continuous hope beyond the limits of earth-bound obstacles. On the secular level, the star is the star of hope residing in each child’s dreams for self-actualized personhood. It is the stardom of each child’s living potential, ever growing. It is the rising sun-star at the beginning of each new day. It is happy, it is fun and it is amazingly inspiring.

On a religious level, the star of Bethlehem comes to mind as the message or symbol of hope of Christ’s coming to mankind both to the “wise men” (the learned) and the shepherds (the working men) who followed that star to the foot of the manger. Certainly that Star is the hallmark of man’s new birth and redeemed potential. And in our faith-expressed, that Star continues to shine. It expresses the Christian Tradition simply without need for dogma.

The overall design incorporates the School’s name and slogan into the emblem so that the message stands unified within a single symbol.

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