the meaning behind our school slogan

Generously created and donated by SJCS graduate Ron Sirisky, we feel that our School Seal and Slogan embody the spirit of Saint John Catholic School. In addition, Ron designed our school brochure. Saint John Brochure (pdf)

Slogan: "Learning to Reach for the Stars"

The Slogan for Saint John Catholic School essentially differentiates it as a unique educational opportunity among the area’s school choices for K4-8. It positions the school under a flagship statement of purpose, and lends most necessarily a hopeful optimistic personality to it in order to raise it above the cold bricks and mortar of what otherwise is associated most school institutions.

This concept is built around a profoundly simple message. It is an expressed philosophy that issues into a lifetime of striving for being what and where God asks us to be. It points and directs upward, heavenward, from whence we came and will return. Its simple inspirational message is as instantly understood by the imagination of a child as by an adult.

It is also memorable by its recognizable familiarity. It embraces the encouraging spirit inherent in every piece of parental hope and advice given to a child. It is at eye level with a parent and a child in its casual, but affirmative declaration. It begins with the verb “Learning…” as an ever-present tense expression of potential energy, a purpose certainly appropriate for a school. It continues with “…To Reach For The Stars,” which marries the resultant outcome of “Learning” to a way of being, a way of thinking. It translates into body, mind, and soul. It is foundational and a life philosophy for the whole person.

Along with the seal, this approach fosters the promise that a freed imagination is superior to the routine approach of textbook institutionality. It serves the purpose of separating Saint John Catholic School’s faculty and students by philosophically and firmly situating them apart in the universe of other schools. It interprets each teacher as reaching for the star in each child and each child reaching for his stardom of realized potential. It is a disarmingly bold and refreshingly hopeful statement and symbol to those who really come to appreciate the challenges of educating young children within the choices available.

The slogan and seal hearken in affirmation to the teachers and students and the families of the students, who collectively are united in a noble commitment to each child. It is both a “battle cry” and a promise. It echoes the Star Trek intro of “…to boldly go where no one has gone before…”