teach about giving

"T.A.G." Days

We will be having a $1 "Teach About Giving" or "TAG" Day the first Thursday of every month (see the school calendar for exceptions). In order to participate in these no-uniform days, your child must bring $1 (or more if desired) to his or her teacher the Wednesday of the actual date. The proceeds from TAG Days go to charity or another worthy cause.

We have adopted Irene Nabadda as a Prayer Partner. She is one of the recipients of our TAG Day funds. She was born September 4, 2002 in Zigoti, Uganda. Each month we will have a TAG day to raise $30 to send to Irene. There is also a jar in the main hallway for contributions, which are accepted at any time. The Christian Foundation for Children and Aging is the Association that sponsors clients like her. Thank God, Irene is in good health.

She is the daughter of two peasant farmers in Uganda. She attends St. Chares Lwanaga Junior School and her favorite subjects are English and Science. She currently only speaks Luganada, and she enjoys athletics and playing dodge ball. Her jobs at home include fetching water and washing utensils. She is very bright, but has not had a lot of educational opportunities. She has one sister who was born in 2008.

Her house is made of plastered bricks with a roof of iron sheets. The floor is cement, and the house has no electricity or plumbing. This family of four uses an outhouse and cooks with firewood and saucepans. Their average monthly income is $200, which is seasonal (depending on crops). The father grows maize, beans and coffee. Irene especially benefits from medical and dental care due to the CFCA sponsorship. The money we give from our TAG days also goes toward school supplies, tuition and for family necessities.

In addition to the financial aid, we make Irene a part of our school family through prayers each day.  There are many gifts that we receive in return.  We recognize that we are a part of a world family, all brothers and sisters in God’s family.  We recognize our need to reach out to others less fortunate than ourselves.  We have learned a lot about the culture and traditions of another country.  Most of all, we are joined in prayers for one another.